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Tips and Tricks For Removing Makeup Stains

Tips and Tricks For Removing Makeup Stains

We’ve all been there before - no matter how much hand-eye coordination we may think we possess, makeup spills and smudges are bound to happen.

This is why we’re sharing tips and tricks on removing makeup stains fast and efficiently!

  1. Use a makeup wipe

This sneaky product doesn’t just work on your face. They actually work on your clothes too. To remove makeup stains, just grab a makeup wipe and gently dab or blot on the area until the stains have lifted away.

Disclaimer: This works best on fresh stains that haven’t had time to dry or set, so be sure to get the makeup wipes out as soon as possible.

  1. Rubbing alcohol

Because alcohol can break down oily and waxy stains, it helps remove makeup stains, particularly if the stain comes from lipstick.

Just soak a cotton ball or the tip of a washcloth in alcohol and dab it over the makeup stain, and voila!

  1. Shaving cream

I know what you’re thinking. Shaving cream? Really? Well, yes! Apply a coin-sized amount on the stain and let it sit for ten minutes. This will help dissolve the stain. Once the ten minutes are up, simply wipe off the shaving cream with cold water.

  1. Blow dryer

 If you use loose powder similar to our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder and spill it on your clothes, fret not! Simply grab your hairdryer and blast the powder off the fabric, and you’re good as new!

There you have it, four tips and tricks to remove makeup stains with items you have lying around your house.

All the best,

The Lava Art Team

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