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The Power of Blueberry Extract in Cosmetics

The Power of Blueberry Extract in Cosmetics

The humble blueberry - a superfruit loved and admired the world over. Whether you like them sweet, tart, in teas or in pies, it's hard to find someone who doesn't love a good blueberry. And, more importantly...blueberries love us back!

Blueberries are underrated in the world of cosmetics and deserve more attention for the action-packed antioxidants they bring to our skin health. There's a reason why we use blueberry extract in cosmetics and in our own Lava Art Compact Cushion foundation formula!

So let's take a look at these little wonders, and see why it's so beneficial to include blueberry fruit extract in your beauty routine!

Benefits of Blueberry Extract for Skin

Excellent Source of Antioxidants

While blueberries do make a fantastic healthy snack when hungry, antioxidants can be absorbed topically, too! Blueberries are practically bursting with antioxidants that fight back against the free radicals that contribute to skin becoming loose or wrinkled, working to keep your complexion smooth and your skin conditioned. Seek out blueberry extract in skin care and other cosmetics to really take advantage of the topical power of antioxidants!

Can Repair Sun Damage

When looking for cosmetics with berry extracts, consider the Gallic acid found in the blueberry. Gallic acid can actually assist your skin in repairing itself from pre-existing sun damage, including dryness, which can lead to wrinkles. But don't forget to wear SPF sun cream daily! Gallic acid found in blueberries may help repair skin cells damaged by the sun, but it can't stand in for a true daily sun block.

Packed Full of Vitamins C, A, and E

One of the best benefits of blueberries for skin are all of those vitamins. Both Vitamins C and A stimulate our skin's natural creation of collagen! Collagen is what keeps our skin supple yet firm, leaving wrinkles behind for another day. The vitamins found in blueberry extract also stimulate new cell growth, so your skin can appear brighter and younger. Blueberry Extract Good for You?

As long as you're not allergic, there are nothing but great things to say about the benefits of blueberry extract! Of course, everyone has a different opinion on what the best extracts for skin are, or even what the best berry extracts for skin are (truthfully, we couldn't pick...that's why we include other berries in our formulas, too!) but no one knows your skin better than you do.

Give blueberry skin care products a try — we can't help but to recommend our own foundation, which is crafted with up to 19 unique botanical extracts...including, obviously, the lovely blueberry!

We'll let you take a berry break for now, but get ready for the next Ingredient Highlight, because it's a famous one: Lavender!

See you soon,

- The Lava Art team

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