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Skin Positivity: Skin Concern-Free Beauty Influencers to Follow

Skin Positivity: Skin Concern-Free Beauty Influencers to Follow

There is no such thing as perfect skin; acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, dark spots. Everyone is different and all of these things are completely natural. Here at Lava Art, we are all about embracing the skin you’re in and loving ourselves for all our natural flaws.

In a media-filled world, of filters, smoothing apps and unrealistic #skingoals, we have put together our favourite beauty influencers who are normalizing skin problems on social media and embraced skin positivity. 

Sofia Grahn, @isofiagrahn

Skin is not good or bad; it's not a point of conversation": Decoding the  skin neutrality movement | Vogue India

Swedish influencer Sofia Grahn attracted social media users for pioneering skin positivity. She champions the normalization of acne by posting unfiltered photos of her skin affliction. With almost 100,000 Instagram followers, the influencer continues to promote acne positivity. 

Liz Claire, @prettyprogress23

ABOUT — Liz Claire

Liz, a former acne sufferer, garnered a huge fan following for spreading self-love and acceptance. The full-time high school teacher and blogger offers skincare tips and makeup recommendations. You can also look into her journey with cystic adult acne on her website. 

Patsy Chem, @cystur

Acne positivity: What is acne positivity and skin neutrality?

The minimalist skincare influencer promotes a holistic approach to treating acne by going Roaccutane-free. Patsy’s Instagram bio highlights the catchy tag “acne-prone appreciation zone." The influencer doesn’t shy away from addressing her experience with body dysmorphia. 

Lou Northcote, @lounorthcote

Acne needs to be normalised, says skin positivy campaigner

Model and activist Lou Northcote carved out her place in the beauty community by starting the #freethepimple movement. The page celebrates acne skin and normalizes acne scars. Northcote remains vocal about bullying and social stigmas related to skin breakouts.

Oyintofe Oduyingbo, @oyintofe.o

Acne influencers: Instagram accounts that show off real skin positivity

This health and beauty influencer, who calls herself a “skin realist,” shares skincare tips for acne-prone skin. Oyintofe believes talking about her experience is therapeutic and preaches self-love. You can check out her account for skincare advice and a few confidence boosters.  

Rocio Cervantes, @rocioceja_

Makeup Artist Was Ashamed Of Acne Until She Incorporated It Into Her Beauty  Look |

You can visit this makeup artist’s Instagram account for skincare tips and makeup hacks. Cervantes applies makeup techniques that highlight her zits rather than conceal them. The beauty blogger remains open concerning her struggle with chronic acne and mental health issues.

Kali Kushner, @myfacestory

Then I know you tried the prescription Accutane. How was your experience  with that? - This Viral Instagram Account Will Change The Way You See Acne  - Livingly

This lifestyle influencer started her Instagram account to document her skin progress while on Accutane. Today, she promotes acne neutrality and shares her experience with scars and hyperpigmentation. The blogger also offers skincare and makeup advice for busy mothers.

#Skinpositivity | Find Your Inspiration

These influencers popularized the unfiltered photos trend and the skin neutrality movement. You can follow popular hashtags on Instagram like #skincommunity, #acnepositivity, and #skinpositivity. Discard outdated beauty standards by embracing skin positivity today!

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