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7 Habits That Are Harming Your Skin

7 Habits That Are Harming Your Skin

Everyone wants happy skin, right? Of course! But you could actually be sabotaging your path to clear skin with some bad habits that you’re not even aware of. Some of these feel like no-brainers when you hear them, and others make you think a little. Let's take a look at 7 habits that could be compromising your skin’s health now....

  1. Not REALLY Knowing Your True Skin Type

Think you know your skin type? Are you sure? What about your daughter, husband, brother, roommate, or whoever else you share a shower with? Even within families, everyone can have a different skin type, and this directly affects which products you should be using. People with oily vs dry skin (or normal, or some combination thereof) require different products from one another. Some skin type need more frequent exfoliation, and others break out from those same scrubs. Discover your true skin type once and for all here.

  1. Exfoliating

What?! Yes! As mentioned above, different skin types react differently to exfoliators, and frequency is just as important as skin type. Exfoliating too often (or too harshly) can leave super small cuts on your skin, leading to a higher chance of infections or breakouts. Exfoliating too little, however, creates a buildup of dead cells and other dirt that can clog pores and also lead to acne. Try exfoliating just once a week for good measure; if you think your skin can handle it, move it up to twice a week, but definitely not everyday!

  1. HOT Showers

Who doesn't enjoy a steamy shower? While it may feel super relaxing, the hot water is actually stripping both your skin AND hair of natural oils, leaving them more parched than before. Try slightly cooler showers; but if you can't stand the thought of that, we don't blame you. Make sure you are always taking the appropriate measures to rehydrate your skin and hair after hot showers!

  1. Tweezing

Modern humans have become super obsessed with eyebrows, and why not? They help frame the face! But if you're maintaining those brows at home, when was the last time you sanitised those tweezers...? Sebum, oils, dirt and other grime are being picked up off that brow bone and just being transplanted somewhere else. And if you have the time, press your face with a nice hot towel before your tweezing session to help open up those pores and avoid future ingrown hairs.

  1. Drinking Coffee

Before you start yelling "nooooooo" — wait! There's a super easy solution! Caffeine is a little infamous for drying out skin and magnifying wrinkles, but you can counterbalance those effects by just drinking a cup of water with your favorite coffee. SO easy, right? Otherwise, caffeine itself provides some interesting benefits when applied topically. More on that in a future post ;)

  1. Sleeping in Makeup 

Not to be obvious, but...please don't ever do this. Like, never ever again. Not only does it clog pores, but sleep is the one time a day (night, technically) where our body really works on repairs and maintenance. Your face tries to restore itself while you are sleeping, but that can't happen when there are mascara flecks and foundation sitting on your skin! ALWAYS execute a proper nighttime routine of eye makeup removal, facial cleansing, and skincare before hitting that pillow. Give your skin restoration a head start!

  1. Wash! That! Pillow Case!!!!

Speaking of sleep...when was the last time you washed your pillow case? Sometimes we forget to include them in our regular laundry, but think about it: HOURS of oil, sweat, and other dirt are pressed against that thing EVERY night. Even if you sleep mostly on your back, your hair leaves oil and dirt behind as a nice welcoming present for when you do eventually turn your head. Shh...we won't tell anyone if you run and wash those pillow cases right now.

So those are 7 habits that may be compromising your path to more glorious skin health! Were any of them surprising? Have a story about sleeping in makeup or switching to cooler showers?

Have a fantastic day,

The Lava Art team

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